Who We Are

The Old Vic Anaesthetists was formed in June 2003 by Drs Phil Ogden, Simon Fraser and Lachlan Doughty with the aim of providing a better service to patients and surgeons and sharing resources. The organisation has grown over time as the demand for private anaesthesia services has increased. The Old Vic currently consists of the original members Drs Fraser, and Doughty who have been joined by Drs Michael Bremner, Chris Reid, Tom Hall, Rowena Lawson and Colin Chilvers. All of whom hold post graduate qualifications as specialist anaesthetists recognised by their Fellowships of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (FANZCA). Dr Ogden has subsequently moved to Victoria, but has frequently returned as a visiting locum.

The name ‘Old Vic’ comes from the first rooms that the group occupied in the old Queen Victoria hospital on High Street, East Launceston. The hospital was affectionately known as the ‘Old Vic’. The tree on the Old Vic logo represents peace and tranquility, has been known as a symbol for the tree of life and also represents the many great Oak trees along High Street and around Launceston.

The Old Vic Anaesthetists continues to grow and attract high quality motivated anaesthetists. This enables us to continue to provide reliable, safe, high quality anaesthesia care for our patients and service to surgeons as part of the Northern Tasmanian Community.

Oak tree from surrounding area